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Volunteers Help Us Reach Thousands of U.S. Military Members

Help Color or Write Thank-You Notes

Thank you for partnering with us for our Ministry! Here are some logistics to help with the coloring pages.

If you want to concentrate on the two pages used the most, click the links below.

Please make sure your printer settings are set at “Fit to Page” to ensure the smallest margin around the words.

The large button below contains a link to a large file of coloring pages stored on our website. You can “right-click” and “save as” to save it to your computer; or if you click once, it will open the large pdf document for your viewing. Since it is such a large file, it may take a few seconds to load all the pages.

These pages will be your “Master Copy”. Please take this copy and stamp or type each page with your school or church name at the bottom of each page. This will help the person receiving the coloring page know where it came from. You just might get a response from a soldier if they know where to write.


Our staff in Jesup, GA will be adding these to our military packets, so mail your package to the Jesup address:

Berean Armed Forces Ministries

P.O. Box 1093

Jesup, GA 31598

If you will partner with us for future coloring, we’d be very grateful; many hands make the work easier for everyone. Whenever you have a batch ready, just send them to the address above.

Help Distribute Gospel Packets

Our partnering churches help distribute Gospel packets at many locations, such as this one at a Golden Corral Restaurant in Albuquerque. Please see a short 3-minute video segment below.

If your church is willing to partner with us, please contact us! It’s an important part of our mission: we thank each Servicemember or Veteran for their service to our country and the freedom they give our churches. We provide them with a framed “Thank You For Your Service” photo that has been taken at various locations across the country, and we hand them a full packet of information, which includes many “little preachers” of the Gospel message.

If you have additional questions, or would like to personally thank our military in such a manner, please CONTACT US HERE.

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Please consider...

Our Ministry is supported totally by donations from helpful people like you. If you’d like to give a donation, it will be used to continue providing the Gospel Message to our Service Members. Checks and Money Order donations can be mailed to our home office: Berean Armed Forces Ministries PO Box 1093 Jesup, GA 31598

Online Donations

If you prefer to make an online donation to our ministries, click on the image below to donate through Paypal – with a credit or debit card, or your PayPal account. We thank you in advance for your wonderful support.